Running Bespin on the Couch

Thursday May 21 2009

Sparked by a thread on the CouchDB Users mailing list with promises of beer and internet groupies, I've started a project to get Bespin running as a CouchApp on CouchDB. The long-term goal is to allow you to create and edit CouchApps from within Bespin, which is itself a CouchApp.

My first goal was to get Bespin's UI functioning as a CouchApp. Except for a few small things, that's already finished.

Here's a few screenshots of Bespin running as a CouchApp on my local CouchDB:

Index Index Page

Help Help Menu

Dashboard Dashboard

Editor Editor

Over the next few days I'll be focusing on porting their filesystem implementation to CouchDB and CouchApp conventions. If you'd like to get involved, fork my bespin_couch project and have at it! Also, if anyone knows how I can make the GitHub repo track upstream changes from Bespin's Mercurial repo I'd like to get that setup so I'm not just working off of a snapshot.

I haven't had time to integrate Disqus with the blog yet so for now if you have any comments please send me a message on GitHub or a reply to @bbrowning on Twitter.